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Retina Images (iPhone 4+ and iPad 3+)

Making the images for InDesign

  • In InDesign, if you have a image box 500px x 500px, the image that you import must sit in the box at 50% or less to get the retina display script to work.
  • So you have to make sure your image is at least double the size of the box. So, in this example if the image is 1002px x 1002px, the image will sit in InDesign at 49%. 
  • Our compilation process detects if images are 'big enough' to be made retina based upon the size of the asset and the size of the rectangle they are being displayed in. The dpi of the image can remain at 72dpi as long as your images are just at least double the size than the box in InDesign. (This way you do not have to have you images at 264dpi).

Download demo here. iPad 3 Retina

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