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App Studio Web App

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Content owners want to leverage their investment in interactive digital publications by reaching the widest possible audience. Furthermore many content owners do not want or need to purely distribute their content within a native app which has to comply with the rules of particular mobile platform provider e.g. Apple or GooglePlay.

!Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 17.10.02.png|thumbnail,border=1!  17.10.02.png|border=1,width=300!       !Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 17.12.51.png|thumbnail,border=1,width=200!  17.12.51.png|border=1,width=300!      !Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 17.14.30.png|thumbnail,border=1! 17.14.30.png|border=1,width=300!

The new App Studio HTML5 Web Reader (hereafter ‘Web Reader’) extends the list of platforms that App Studio can be consumed on to include Desktop browsers -- without the need for a native app. The Web Reader can simply be promoted using a URL e.g. app.\[yourpublication\].com, no need to link to an App store and is compatible with at least 95% of modern desktop browsers.
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