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Setup Urban Airship account

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Enter your email address, first name, last name, username, password and click on "I Agree, Sign Me Up"

!Screen 1.PNG|thumbnail,border=1,width=200! 1.PNG|border=1!

h3. Step 3: Confirmation of activation email
The following screen is then displayed

!Screen 2.PNG|thumbnail,border=1,width=200! 2.PNG|border=1!

h3. Step 4: Receipt of activation email
A confirmation email should be received within c.10 minutes of submission.  Click on the activation link to complete the account process and take you to your new account.

!Email confirmation.PNG|thumbnail,border=1,width=200! confirmation.PNG|border=1!

h3. Step 5: Login to account
Click on the My Account link to view or modify the account setup

!Screen 3 (after clicking on confirm link in email).PNG|thumbnail,border=1,width=200! email).PNG|border=1!

!Screen 4 (account screen).PNG|thumbnail,border=1,width=200! screen).PNG|border=1!

h3. Step 6: Add billing information
You will need to add your billing information to enable push notifications.  See [|] for further pricing information.

   !Screen 5 (billing information).PNG|thumbnail,border=1,width=200! information).PNG|border=1!

h4. Support Documentation:
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