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Send Push Notification from Localytics

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1. Choose 'Messaging' from the left menu on the Localytics Dashboard

!localyticsmessages.png|thumbnail,border=1! !localyticsmessages.png|border=1!
2. Select your app from dropdown menu on top of the page

!localyticsdropdown.PNG|thumbnail,border=1! !localyticsdropdown.PNG|border=1!

3. Create a push campaign from green + button located on right top of the page(hit '+' and select push from dropdown)

!pushchampaign.png|thumbnail,border=1! !pushchampaign.png|border=1!

4. Add a campaign name eg "Latest news Dec 2014" and Choose Notify as campaign goal.

!LocalyticsGoalpage.PNG|thumbnail,border=1! !LocalyticsGoalpage.PNG|border=1!
5. Choose the measurement parameter of your goal(e.g. Localytics Push Opened) and continue to audience.
6. Select the target audience. Here you can target everyone having app installed to send notification or can create your own segments to specific target audience.

!Audience.PNG|thumbnail,border=1! !Audience.PNG|border=1!
7. Continue to Creative. Here you can type your message.

!Creative.png|thumbnail,border=1! !Creative.png|border=1!
8. Once you are done with your mesage, continue to scheduling.
9. Select immediately to send push or schedule it for later. You can also automate your push campaign.

!scheduling.PNG|thumbnail,border=1! !scheduling.PNG|border=1!

10. Review your campaign summary and hit 'Active' to launch campaign

!Summary.PNG|thumbnail,border=1! !Summary.PNG|border=1!

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