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Test Push Integration

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1. Click "Test Push Integration" button of your app

!Testpushintegration.png|thumbnail,border=1! !Testpushintegration.png|border=1!

2. Click "Got it, test my app's integration\!" button to continue  

!Integratepush.png|thumbnail,border=1! !Integratepush.png|border=1!

3. If uploaded push certificates or GCM API Secret key is correct, Upload Certificate step is skipped and you will see a QR code to link your app 

!qrcode.png|thumbnail,border=1! !qrcode.png|border=1!

4. Scan this QR code from your mobile device on which your app is installed.
7. Once localytics receives a Push Token, you will a button "Send this device a push\!". Click this button to send a test push notification. 

!sendtestoush.png|thumbnail,border=1! !sendtestoush.png|border=1!

8. Take app to background to receive push notification.
7. Once you receive a push notification, tap on it to launch app. 

!pushmessage.PNG|thumbnail,border=1! !pushmessage.PNG|border=1!

8. On localytics dashboard. you will see a message for successful integration. 

!pushsuccessmessage.PNG|thumbnail,border=1! !pushsuccessmessage.PNG|border=1!
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