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Text in App Studio layouts

By default, text boxes in an App Studio layout are set to export as HTML text. This allows them to be searchable and selectable. However, it also means that you cannot apply some of the higher-end text controls (such as tracking, kerning, hyphenation, and baseline shift) to text in such boxes.

If you want to have complete typographical control over text in a box, choose Item > Modify and check Convert to Graphic on Export . The box will export as an image rather than as text, so its text won't be searchable or selectable, but you can make it look exactly the way you want it to.

Because the auto-leading settings in WebKit differ from the auto-leading settings in QuarkXPress, you should avoid using auto leading in App Studio layouts. To achieve maximum similarity between line spacing in the layout and on the device, always use absolute leading values in an App Studio layout.

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