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A Slideshow is a group of images which are all displayed within the same area. The user can swipe their finger over the image currently displayed to move the next one into view. There are indicator dots overlaid on the slideshow to indicate how many images there are and which one is currently selected. 

All slides need to be the same size. If you have different-sized images, please create a Rectangle that is sized to your largest slide, and group this with your image so all slides are the same size. Please leave about 20px of space at the bottom of each slide as this is where the dots will appear.

How to add a slideshow:

  • Place several images on top of each other.
  • Select all the images and open the Object States window.
  • Click the “convert selection to multi-state object” button (below).


  • Enter the text ‘slideshow’ in the Object Name field.


  • You can rearrange the order of the images in the slideshow by moving the order of the states within the Object States window.

Download a demo here:

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