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Previewing an App Studio issue

There are two ways to preview an App Studio issue.

The most accurate way to preview your issues is with the free Quark App Studio Previewer app. Download this app from the app store, launch it, tap Change Publication , and enter your login credentials for your App Studio Publishing Portal account. Then choose the publication you want to log on to.

There are two versions of each publication: the published version and the test version. The test version is provided so that you can test your issues on a physical device before you release them. An issue shows up in the test publication only if you have clicked Test for that issue in the App Studio Publishing Portal, and shows up in the regular publication only if you have published it from the App Studio Publishing Portal. (For more information, see " Publishing an App Studio issue .")

The second way to preview your issues is on the App Studio Publishing Portal. You can click on any issue and view it in a compatible Web browser. (App Studio supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and any other browser that uses the WebKit browser engine. It does not support Internet Explorer.) You should consider this a secondary way to preview your issues, because not all types of interactivity can be previewed in a browser.

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