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Creating adverts with App Studio

Publications created using App Studio can include highly interactive and engaging adverts which can be quickly and easily created. All of the enrichment features available in App Studio are available to advertisers.

Content can be created using multiple design tools:

  • Create advert as a flat image - it's boring and not recommended, but supported. Adverts can be provided as static PNG or JPEG images using the page dimensions document in Create content using HTML5, or
  • Create advert using HTML5 - appropriate for advertisers who have a web development team and/or would like the freedom of a pure HTML/JavaScript environment to create bespoke ads.

Getting started creating Adverts

If you're an agency creating adverts for App Studio then its quick and easy to create your first adverts and incorporate them into your client publications. Firstly review our guide.  Once you have created and tested the advert using App Studio you can send on the source files to the editor of the App Studio publication. 

Ad Size

Generally we'd recommend advertisers to try to keep adverts to 1 to 2 MB in size including both orientations. This may not be possible if video is embedded within the advert. Longer video should be streamed.

Other Guidelines

  • Flash is not supported - due to the limitations with respect to the flash support of Apple iOS it should not be used
  • Processor and memory usage - adverts which apply excessive load on the device CPU or memory should be avoided. 

Example Ads

Preview Source Download

HTML5 HTML5 Bundle

HTML5 HTML5 Bundle

Advertiser FAQ

Can I integrate with my preferred ad-server such as DoubleClick?

Yes, if using the HTML5 format. You can include your ad tags within the HTML5 page and either a) download the creative on demand from the ad server (remember to provide a default for offline users) or b) make an ad request and use the response to influence the content shown, where the content may be baked into the content.

Can I GEO-target my adverts?

Yes in a number of ways. You can use an ad-server integration to influence the content shown using standard ad server methods or you can use App Studio basic GEO-targeting.

What analytics are provided for adverts?

For adverts created using HTML5 the advertiser is free to use tracking tags of their choice.

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