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Creating a Show Pop-Up action

A Show Pop-Up action lets you display a pop-up view containing either the contents of a QuarkXPress layout in the same project file or the contents of an external file. If you choose a QuarkXPress layout, any interactivity in that layout should work in the pop-up. If you choose to display an external file, you can use any file that can be displayed in the native mobile browser on your device.

To create a Show Pop-Up action:

  1. Choose Show Pop-Up from the Action drop-down menu.

  2. Do one of the following things:
  • To display the contents of a different QuarkXPress layout, click QuarkXPress Layout , then choose the target layout from the drop-down menu or choose Create New Layout and create a new layout. Enter a page number in the Page field to indicate which page to display in the pop-up. Click the Edit button to display the layout.
  • To display the contents of an external file, click File , then click Browse and navigate to the file you want to display, then specify the width and height at which you want it to display. Use the Width and Height values to specify the size at which to display the file. If you use an external file, the pop-up includes a built-in close button.
  1. To offset the content of the pop-up, enter values in the Position Offset fields.

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