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Create app in iTunes

Within iTunes Connect go to the Manage Your Applications section and follow the instructions below.

1. Add New App

  1. Click 'Add New App' within Manage Your Applications
  2. Choose the 'Default Language'
  3. Enter an 'App Name'
  4. Enter a 'SKU number'
  5. Select the App ID you created in the developer account (Apple Developer account)
  6. Click 'Continue'

2. Availability and Price

  1. Choose the Availability Date
  2. Choose the Price Tier
  3. Click 'Continue'

3a. Version Information

  1. Enter the Version Number
  2. Enter the Copyright - The name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to the app you are adding.  For example, "2008 Acme Inc."  Do not include a copyright symbol.  We will include it for you so it appears correctly on the App Store.
  3. Select the Categories
  4. Enter Review Notes
  5. Set the Rating infomation

Primary & Second categories

A list of categories that describe the app you are adding.

The Primary category is the one that best describes your application, and is the category under which your application will be listed

The Secondary category will also provide an additional search term which may help users find your application.  The Secondary category is not required, however it is recommended since it will be used as a fall-back if the first not available.  Note:  The secondary category for Newsstand enabled apps will be automatically set to Newsstand and will not be editable in any state.

  • You cannot choose the same category for both your Primary and Secondary categories
  • Your application will not be listed on the category page for the application's Secondary category on the App Store.  The Secondary category is for use with the App Store Browse function only.

Available Primary and Secondary Categories as as follows:

A list of subcategories by which you can further organise games.  Subcategories are only available if you select Games from the list of Primary categories.  You can select up to two different subcategories to help more accurately define your game.  Subcategories are not required.  Available subcategories for gamesare as follows:


This is where you set the rating for your app for the purpose of parental controls on the App Store.  All apps are required to have a rating.

IMPORTANT: Apps must not contain any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content or materials of any kind (text, graphics, images, photographcs, etc.), or other content or materials that in Apple's reasonable judgement may be found objectionable.

For each description, choose the level of frequency that best describes your app.

As you mark each selection, the App Rating displays on the right.  See the charts below for an explanation of the App Ratings available.

App Rating Definitions

The following charts provide definitions of each Apple App Rating along with their ESRB and Pegi rating equivalent.

ESRB and Pegi Equivalents

For your reference, here is a chart showing the equivalent ESRB and Pegi ratings.

3b. Metadata


A detailed description of the app version itself, no longer than 4000 characters and no less then 10 characters.  Keep the following in mind when writing the description:

  • Use fewer than 580 characters so customers can view your entire description without clicking the "...More" button on the App Store
  • HTML isn't allowed; descriptions must be in plain text and only line breaks will be respected
  • This is the description that customers read to help them make their purchase decision and is therefore a key piece of marketing text.  For more information on writing an effective app description, see Best Practices below
  • Apple does not check spelling or grammar, so check your entry carefully.  Turn on check spelling in Safari to catch spelling errors
  • Don't use this section to conduct other communication to your customers and don't include keywords; a separate keywords field is available

IMPORTANT: This field should only be used to describe the actual features and functionality of your application.  Be truthful and accurate.


One or more keywords that describe your app.  Keywords are used to help customers search the App Store effectively.  Your application will be searchable by application name, company name, and keywords.

  • Keywords must be related to your application content and cannot contain offensive or trademarked terms.
  • You may not use other app names or company names as keywords.
  • Once submitted, keywords can only be changed by updating your binary or when your application status is Rejected or Developer Rejected.  Choose keywords carefully.
  • Keywords can be single words or phrases and the text field is limited to 100 characters but must be more than 2 characters.  Separate multiple keywords with commas for best results.

IMPORTANT: If you enter a keyword that is trademarked or references another app's name or company name, your app may be removed from the App Store.

Support Email Address

An email address where Apple can contact you if there are problems with your app.  This will not be seen by the customer.

Support URL

The support website you plan to provide for users that have questions regarding the app.  This is required, and will appear on the app product page on the App Store.
Your Support URL must lead to actual contact information for support so that your customers can contact you regarding app issues, general feedback, or feature enhancement requests.

Marketing URL

The website for user to get more information about the app.  This field is not required but is highly recommended for a good customer experience.  If provided, this will appear on the app product page on the App Store.
Review Notes

Use this field to give demo account information with full access to Apple for purposes of reviewing your app.

If your app requires specific settings, user registrations, or account information prior to submission to the App Store, be sure to include that information in this field.

If your app delivers streaming video over the cellular network, a test stream URL must be entered in this field.

For MacOS X apps, if you are requesting entitlements for application sandboxing, you must explain how your app will use this functionality.

This is a text field visible only to the App Review team, so the information entered in this field will not appear on the App Store.  You can also include general instructions or other relevant information about your app that you think would be useful for the review process.

3c. EULA

If you wish to provide an End User License Agreement (EULA) for your app, beyond the standard EULA that Apple provides, you can enter your agreement in plain text.  This information is not required, however, if you provide a EULA it must meet certain minimum requirements indicated in your agreement.  All HTML tags will be stripped and escaped, and we will only respect line breaks.

When you provide a EULA, select the countries in which your EULA applies.  Select countries for which your EULA has been properly localised to meet local legal and language requirements.  If you do not provide a EULA, the standard EULA will apply to your app, and the EULA link will not be shown on the app page on the App Store.

3d. Uploads

  1. Large icon for the App store
  2. Screenshots for the App store
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