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Configuring HTML5 Publications

Following Web App configuration options are available for HTML5 Publication exported from QuarkXPress 2016.

Web App configuration

Configure your web app using the reader-config.json file located at the root of your output.

Use this file to configure the following:

  • Look and feel
  • Features 
  • Analytics 
  • Social sharing 

General app configuration

Use the app section to configure some general application attributes:

  • to enable progressive downloading of pages (you can choose to have pages loaded in the background), use the backgroundLoading parameter
  • to turn cookies on or off, use the enableCookies parameter
  • to specify the settings for the loading screen i.e. the loading imageGe, the font color and the background color, define these in the <loading> section, using the color, backgroundColor, and image parameters.

Feature configuration

Use the features section to configure some general features of your app. 

These parameters take values of true/false.

  • To show/hide the issue thumbnails from the scrubber use the timelineScrubber parameter.
  • To stop the user from navigating to other pages, except via interacivities or the scrubber bar, use the pageNavigation parameter.
  • To show/hide the toolbar use the toolbarView parameter.
  • To turn on/off opacity for previous and next pages use the opaqueOverlay parameter.
  • To show/hide the scrubber (navigator bar) use the navigatorView parameter.

Social sharing configuration

Use the sharing and toolbarItems sections to configure the social media sharing options for your app.

  • To enable/disable the social sharing button from the toolbar, use the socialSharing parameter of the <toolbarItems> section.
  • To enable/disable the available sharing options, use the parameters of the <options> section i.e. twitterShare, facebookShare, emailShare, and linkedinShare.

For Facebook sharing, you are required to generate your own Facebook AppID and update it in the AppID property. For more information see "".

Analytics configuration

Use the analytics section to configure Google analytics tracking for your app.

  • To specify a Google tracking ID for your app, use the trackingID parameter of the <GoogleAnalytics> section to update with your own trackingID.

For more information see "".

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