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App Studio Exporter (for InDesign)


Download and Install the extension

To download the InDesign Exporter Extension, click here.

Open the extension

To open the App Studio Panel, follow the image below by going to Window > Extensions > App Studio Exporter. Click on images to enlarge.


Enter your App Studio credentials. Once you're ready, click Login

Main Panel

This is the main screen for the extension. This is where you set the Issue [Organization > Publication > Issue] where you want to upload your content. 'View Online' takes you to the issue on the App Studio Portal. You can manually run 'Validate' to manually check your document, and 'Upload' to upload your files to App Studio.


You can use the validate button as a pre-flight check for any problems within your InDesign file. If there are any problems you will be presented with several error/warning messages. If these messages have a page number next to them, you are then able to click the validation entry, which will take you to the problem item within InDesign to easily enable you to fix the problem. You can set it to trigger automatically before a document is uploaded (see Settings dialog).

To Note: After you validate your document and you get yellow and red warnings, like below, you can still upload your document to App Studio. It will not stop you uploading. To proceed, just press the "Upload to App Studio" as normal.

Upload to App Studio

Once you are ready to send your InDesign file to App Studio, simply select your issue from the drop down list and then press the upload button.


If you cannot see your issue within the drop down list, click the Refresh menu item from the Fly-out menu. On clicking the Refresh menu item, there may be a short delay while the extension retrieves the updated list of issues you have access to.


Click on the Settings menu item from the Fly-out menu to open the Settings dialog.

Clean 3rd Party plugin links - Selecting this option will ensure that the App Studio Exporter works on a copy of the original document. Even if you do not select this option, the App Studio Exporter will revert any changes made to the original document.

Validate document before upload - Selecting this option will ensure that the Validation pre-flighting is done before uploads.

Internet Connectivity Alert

The App Studio Exporter checks for internet connectivity whenever you try to login, refresh or upload your content. If you see this alert, please check your machines' network settings and then try again.

Hide published issues

You may find the 'Hide published issues' option useful when you don't want to see old published issues within your drop down list anymore.

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