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App Studio Analytics GAv1

NOTE: This version of Google Analytics will be implemented in to your app if your app was built before January 20th 2015 for Android and October 1st 2014 for iOS.

The App Studio iOS and Android applications can be used to track page views and events within a Google Analytics account. This page documents the tracking performed.

Page views

App Page Google Analytics Page View
Omniture trackAppState
Context Data
  Path(issue-id/page-type/section/article-id/page-number) pageName issueId pageType section articleId pageNumber
Issues Library Common/Common/Common/Library Application Page - Library          
Contents Page <issue-id>/Common/Common/Contents Application Page - Contents <issue-id>        
Article <issue-id>/Article/<section>/<article-id>/<page-num> Page - <article-id> <issue-id>
Article <section> <article-id> <page-num>
Advert <issue-id>/Advert/<section>/<article-id>/<page-num> Page - <article-id>
<issue-id> Advert <section> <article-id> <page-num>
Help Page Common/Common/Common/Help Application Page - Help          


  Google Analytics Event       Omniture trackEvent
Context Data
Event Category Action Label Value events issueId articleId url size term reason method
User launches the app Launch Online / Offline *New in 2.4: OS version
Launch (default metric)              
User opens an issue Issue View <issue-id>   ViewIssue <issue-id>            
User plays an audio file Audio Playing <issue-id>/<article-id>/<url>   PlayAudio <issue-id> <article-id> <url>        
User watches a video Video PlayDuration <issue-id>/<article-id>/<url> Duration in milliseconds PlayVideo <issue-id>
User changes font size Font Change <size>
ChangeFontSize       <size>      
User searches Search Search <term>
Search         <term>    
User bookmarks Bookmark Add <issue-id>/<article-id>
AddBookmark <issue-id> <article-id>          
User sends an email Email Interact <issue-id>/<article-id>
EmailButton <issue-id> <article-id>          
User follows an external web link ExternalLink Interact <issue-id>/<article-id>/<url>
ExternalLink <issue-id> <article-id> <url>        
*New in 2.4
User logins to third party subscription service
ThirdPartySubscription Login     ThirdPartyLogin              
User taps the Buy button for an issue StartPurchase
StartPurchase <issue-id>            
User chooses to access an issue using their subscription PurchaseMechanism AsSubscriber <issue-id>
PurchaseAsSubscriber <issue-id>            
User chooses to purchase a single issue via Apple PurchaseMechanism ViaApple <issue-id>
PurchaseSingleIssue <issue-id>            
Manual download started Download Pre 2.4:
Post 2.4:
<issue-id>   ManualIssueDownload <issue-id>            
*New in 2.4
Automatic download started
Download Automatic <issue-id>
  AutomaticIssueDownload <issue-id>            
Issue is downloaded successfully DownloadComplete Pre 2.4:
Post 2.4:
DownloadComplete <issue-id>            
*New in 2.4
Issue fails to download
DownloadFailed *New in 3.0
*New in 3.0
  DownloadFailed <issue-id>         <reason>  
User purchases an issue by paying via Apple PurchaseComplete ApplePurchased <issue-id>
ApplePurchaseComplete <issue-id>            
User cancels the purchase process within the Apple process PurchaseComplete AppleCancelled <issue-id>
ApplePurchaseCancelled <issue-id>            
User accesses an issue by restoring a previous purchase via Apple PurchaseComplete AppleRestored <issue-id>
ApplePurchaseRestored <issue-id>            
User fails to purchase via Apple PurchaseComplete AppleFailed <issue-id>
ApplePurchaseFailed <issue-id>            
User accesses an issue using their print subscription PurchaseComplete SubscriptionSucceeded <issue-id>
User does not have a valid print subscription for the issue PurchaseComplete SubscriptionFailed <issue-id>
*New in 2.5
User successfully restores purchases
RestorePurchases Succeeded     RestorePurchasesSucceeded              
*New in 2.5
User failed to restores purchases
RestorePurchases Failed     RestorePurchasesFailed              
User shares content Share <share type> (email/twitter/facebook) <issue-id>/<article-id>   Share <issue-id> <article-id>         <share type>
User taps cook mode (Good Food only) CookMode View <issue-id>/<article-id>
User taps shopping list (Good Food only) ShoppingList View <issue-id>/<article-id>
Outcome of newsletter (Good Food / Focus only) Newsletter Successful
Woldwide opt in
Worldwide opt out
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