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Adding interactivity to an App Studio issue

You can add a variety of types of interactivity to an App Studio issue, including slideshows, movies, buttons, sound, and HTML with the HTML5 palette ( Window menu). This palette lets you name and add interactivity to whichever object is selected in the layout.

HTML5 palette

Picture boxes, text boxes, and no-content boxes support different kinds of interactivity. Options that are not available for the selected item are disabled.

At the bottom of the palette, there is a list of all of the interactive objects in the active layout, including each enrichment type, object's name, and page number. You can navigate to any object listed here by double-clicking it.

Once you apply interactivity to a box, the application adds an icon to the box to show what kind of interactivity it has. To view these icons, make sure View > Visual Indicators is checked. The icons are as follows:

  • : Button
  • : Slideshow
  • : Video
  • : Audio
  • : Web View
  • : Scroll Zone
  • : Picture Zoom

The HTML5 palette includes a number of file selection controls. If you are logged into Quark Publishing Platform, you can choose whether to select a file from the file system or from Quark Publishing Platform. If you choose Platform from such a button, the Asset Picker dialog box lets you choose a Platform asset.

Quark Publishing Platform is a dynamic publishing platform that provides a broad range of functionality to streamline and automate your publishing process. For information about using App Studio with Quark Publishing Platform, see A Guide to Quark Publishing Platform . For general information about the Platform, visit .

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