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Adding a slideshow

Slideshows support both picture files and pages from QuarkXPress layouts. To add a slideshow to an App Studio issue:

  1. Select the picture box you want to contain the slideshow.
  2. In the HTML5 palette, click Slideshow .

    Slideshow options
  3. Optionally, enter a name for the slideshow in the Name field. This name displays in the Interactive Objects area in the bottom of the palette.
  4. If you want the slidehow to be initially invisible, check Initially Hidden .
  5. To allow the user to interact with the slideshow, check Allow Interaction .
  6. To allow the user to switch the slideshow to full-screen mode and back by double-tapping it, check Allow Fullscreen .
  7. To display slides uncropped when the slideshow is in fullscreeen mode, check Show Uncropped in Fullscreen . If this box is not checked, the slides use their picture-box crop in fullscreen mode.
  8. To make the slideshow start playing immediately when the user displays the page, check Auto Play . If this box is unchecked, the user must manually change the slides with finger swipes or with buttons.
  • Slide Duration : Lets you control how long each slide is on the screen.
  • Transition : Lets you control the transition between slides.
  • Speed : Lets you specify how long each transition lasts.
  1. To make the slide pan and/or zoom at the beginning of its display, check Animate Pan and Zoom .
  • Duration : Lets you control how long the pan/zoom lasts. At the end of this duration, the slide stops and stays in its final position until the next slide is displayed.
  • Start and Stop : These buttons allow you to set the beginning and ending crop of each image. Click Start and scale/position the picture for the initial position, then click Stop and scale/position the image for the final position.
  1. To add a slide, click at the bottom of the slide list and choose one of these options:a
  • Add Slides from Picture Files : Lets you add picture files to the slideshow. You can use picture files in PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and EPS formats. You can use the Shift or Command/Ctrl key to select multiple files.
  • Add Slides from QuarkXPress Layout : Displays the Add Slides from Layout dialog box. This dialog box lets you add pages from a QuarkXPress layout to the slideshow. You can create a new layout or choose pages from an existing layout.

    Add Slides from Layout dialog box
  1. To edit a slide, select it and click . If the slide is a picture file, that files opens in the default image editing application. If the slide is a page from a QuarkXPress layout, the layout opens and scrolls to that page.
  2. To execute an action when the user taps a slide, select it and click . The Tap Actions for Slide dialog box displays.

    Tap Actions for Slide dialog box To add an action, click , then choose the action from the Action drop-down menu and configure it the way you want it. (For more information, see " Working with interactivity actions (HTML5) ."
  3. To set the cropping for a slide, select the slide's icon in the list, then scale and reposition the preview of the slide in the picture box.
  4. To delete a slide, select the slide's icon in the list and click .
  5. To finish configuring the slideshow, click a different object or a blank part of the layout.

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