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5. Refine

Once you have the basics of your issue in place you may want add metadata in order to make the most of all the features available.

Edit issue - metadata

  • From the publications screen, click the 'Edit' button next to your issue.
  • Add subtitle and description and hit 'Save'

These fields will be then be displayed on the preview view of your store page as shown below

Edit content - metadata

  • From the Issue flat-plan screen, hover over the chosen page of your issue and choose the 'Edit' icon

  • You can optionally amend/add content to the following:
    • Title - this is the display name used in the table of contents and the default display name used in social email/sharing and bookmarks
    • Description - if present, this is displayed in the table of contents
    • Authors - not relevant at this stage
    • Tags - add optional further keywords (comma delimited)
    • Social sharing: URL - the url to share (compulsory in order for Facebook and Twitter sharing to be enabled)
    • Social sharing: image URL - image will default to a screenshot of the page if this is not supplied
    • Social sharing: comment - pre-fills the body of tweet or email
  • Once you have completed your changes, hit 'Save'


When you added your initial content it would have complied automatically, however following any edits you will need to manually compile in order to publish your changes.

  • You can compile this in 2 ways, either:
    • Compile individual affected pages - from the Issue flat-plan screen, hover over the chosen page of your issue and choose the 'Compile' icon, OR
    • Recompile all updated files - choose the Compile button towards top left of the Issue flatplan screen (next to Preview)
  • A spinner will display whilst the file/files is/are compiled before completing successfully (green tick) or erroring (red exclamation).

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