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4. Test and Preview

Test the Issue

From the Issue flatplan screen, click the 'Test' button (towards the top right of the screen) as shown in the first screenshot on this page. You will see a progress bar towards the top of the screen and your issue will be available to view on your device as soon as this has completed.

To test the issue on a device you will need to download the App Studio Issue Previewer app for iOS or Google Play or the Amazon App Store. On the issues screen of the app is a 'change publication' button. Press this and enter your login details if prompted.

You will notice you will see your publication followed by '(Test)'. Select this to find the test version of your issue.

Example of testing on device (iPad):

You can also quickly preview your changes without having to download them to your device using the Preview function.

Preview the issue

From the issue flatplan screen, click the 'Preview' button (towards the top right of the page) to see a preview of all the pages compiled so far.

When using the preview, please note the load time is slower than the actual speed you'll see on device, for example custom fonts can take longer to load using preview than on the device. Note that each Content source can contain several pages, in both landscape and portrait orientations, meaning that the Preview page may show more than the Flatplan page.

  • Drag the list of thumbnail pages left and right to scan through the issue
  • Use the blue left and right arrows to move through the issue page by page
  • You can use the 'Variant' drop-down within Preview view to switch to the alternative orientation and font sizes (where applicable for your publication)

  • You can use the 'Flatplan' button to return to the flatplan

There are several features, available in Test, that it is not possible to view in Preview mode:

  • Page linking
  • Video and Audio (unless you are using Chrome or Safari browsers)
  • Zoomable images
  • Geo-location
  • HTML widgets

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