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4. Create Subscriptions and In-App Products

In-App Product allow you to create standard In-App Product (one time billing) for each issue or subscriptions (recurring, automated billing) for subscriber subscription.

1. Login to your developer account
2. Go to your  "All  Application" and select the application
3. In the Application menu select "In App Product"
4. Click on "Add New Product"

5. The new Add Product pop window 3 choices:

Subscription Subscriptions let you sell content, services or features in your app with automated, recurring billing.
Managed Product
Managed items that can be purchased only once per user account on Google Play. Google Play permanently stores the transaction information for each item on a per-user basis.
Unmanaged Product
Unmanaged products are not managed by Google Play. You are responsible for managing the transaction information and cannot query Google Play to retrieve transaction information.

Create a Subscription

It is strongly recommended that you read the following google documentation before setting up a subscription:

a. Create a subscription in the Google developer console

1. Select "Subscription"
2. Create a product ID following Google guideline  

3.  Fill up subscription details
For more details go to "Adding items one at a time to a product list" section of the link below

4. Save

b. Set your subscription on the AppStudio android build form

Managed Product 

For Example: Price of May 2014 issue

1. Select "Managed Product"

2. Create a product ID following  Google guideline  

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