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3. Generate a Build in AppStudio (Basics)

The following section is intended to cover the minimum requirements to create a .apk build. We will only cover the "Basics" section of the build form


Android Build Form - Basics:

How to access the build form?

To access the Android build Form:

1. Click on "App Manager" when you are in the Issue or Publication section

2. Select the "Build" button of the "Android Universal" Section.

Basics - Required information

Package Name Every application submitted to any of the Android app stores require a unique name. You can name this however you like, however, we advise using the format advised in the following link:

For example: com.quark.appstudio

And here is a screenshot showing you what ours looks like and where it's displayed to the user.

App Version Name
This is the version number of your app which you promote to your users and the below screenshot shows you were this is shown in the Google Play Store

App Version Code
This must be numeric and has to be incremented every time a new build is submitted to the store(s). For example, if the first build you send to the app stores is simply '1', then the next binary needs to be at least 2 or above. Remember this has to be a numeric value and cannot contain other characters.
App Display Name
This is displayed in the Store and on the device beside the icon.

Help Page URL
App Studio requires you to supply a help page link for your users should they need any assistance whilst using your app. There is a help button in the app which will link to a URL of your choice. This URL must begin with a protocol e.g. http://
Privacy Page URL
As per the Help URL, App Studio also requires you to supply a privacy page link for your users. There is a privacy button in the app. This must begin with a protocol e.g. http://
Upload the KeyStore you have created earlier.
How to create a keyStore?
Keystore Password
This is the first password you have created when generating your KeyStore
Key Alias
This is the Alias you set while generating he KeyStore (e.g. JohnDoe)
Key Password
This is the Alias password you have created. If you have followed our recommendation it should be the same as your KeyStore Password
Do you want to charge for issues?
You do not have to charge for content within your app, so this option only applies if you want to charge for your content. Currently we supporting billing for both Google Play and Amazon App Store. Please select the one you wish to use. If you want both, please created two separate builds.
Which store would you like to use?
  • Google  for Google play Store 
  • Amazon  for Amazon App Store
Google Billing Public Key
This  can be found in the Publisher account as shown below:

Basics - App Icon

Upload the following Icons in the "App Icon" section of the build form

Definitions Dimensions in pixels File Format
96 x 96 PNG
72 x 72 PNG
48 x 48 PNG
36 x 36 PNG

Click on "Save Changes" when finished

Basics - Splash Image

Upload the following Splash Screen in the "Splash Image" section of the build form

Splash Image Dimensions in pixels
File Format
Large Landscape Splash Image
1280 x 800 PNG
Large Portrait Splash Image
800 x 1280 PNG
Medium Landscape Splash Image
1024 x 600 PNG
Medium Portrait Splash Image
600 x 1024 PNG
Small Landscape Splash Image
800 x 480 PNG
Small Portrait Splash Image
480 x 800 PNG

Click on "Save Changes" when finished

At this stage the build can be generated by clicking the "Submit" button but you can still customise it by changing options in  the "Other" section

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