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2. Create publication and issue

Create publication

Following successful account set up or the next time you log in to you will arrive at your organization page: eg<organization> and will be prompted to create your first publication

  • Click the ‘Create Publication’ button.
  • Enter a name for your publication - this is generally the name of your publication and the name of your app (though can be changed at a later date if needed)
  • Select a location from the dropdown. It is important that you choose the closest location to where you will be uploading your QuarkXPress files from in order to give optimal upload speeds
  • Click ‘Create’ and you’ll see your publication on the organization page. Select this publication and you are ready to add an issue

Create issue

  • From the publication page (as shown above) click the 'Create new Issue' button.
  • Enter a 'Title' and (optionally) 'Subtitle' for the issue - these will be displayed within the application in the Issues Library.
  • Enter the 'Deadline' using the calendar pop-up - this will be used as the publication date of the issue (issues are ordered by this date in the Issues Library and it will be used to check the user's entitlement under a subscription).
  • As this publication is being created on a trial basis you will not need to add in-app Purchase IDs at this point.
  • Click 'Create' - you'll see the issue on the Publication screen eg<organization>/<publication>

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