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App Studio Portal

What is the App Studio Portal?

On the App Studio Publishing Portal ( ), content is organized into organizations, publications, issues, and articles.

  • Organization: Represents the organization that is responsible for one or more related publications. When you create an account on the App Studio Publishing Portal, one of the first things you do is create an organization.
  • Publication: Represents a set of related issues. For example, a publication might represent a particular magazine title.
  • Issue: Represents a discrete unit of content to be downloaded as a whole. For example, an issue might represent a single issue of a magazine title.
  • Article: Issues are divided into one or more articles, each of which is created from a single QuarkXPress project. Articles also allow issue creators to break issues down into multiple QuarkXPress projects. Each article displays as an entry in the automatically generated table of contents.

The content of your issues is stored on the App Studio Portal, which serves it to your App Studio apps. For more information about creating App Studio issues, see " Creating an App Studio issue ."

The App Studio Publishing Portal also provides a way for you to create your own App Studio app. This is basically a matter of supplying descriptive information about your app and uploading some graphic resources.

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