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App Studio PDF Importer

This InDesign plugin allows you to import multiple print ready PDF documents in to a InDesign App Studio ready document for tablet devices. This will work in InDesign CS5 and above.

What this script will do: Convert your PDF from CMYK to RGB, scale the PDF to fit to iPad in horizontal and vertical, create a background layer & a content layer.

  • Download the App Studio PDF Imported (available soon).
  • Ensure Adobe InDesign is quit.
  • Install the plugin it in to your Adobe Extensions Manager (you will have to have Administrator access to do this).
  • Open in InDesign. The plugin is located in the Windows / Extensions / App Studio PDF Importer.
  • Select your presets from the plugin.


  1. Orientation - Select the orientation for your PDF.
  2. Treat first page as cover - This will keep the cover as a separate page in horizontal view, so the PDF will then flow in the correct numerical paginated order.
  3. Background colour - Select either black or white. (If your PDF does not quite scale to fit to the iPad, we will letterbox your PDF on the iPad, so you can choose what colour you want as a background colour).
  • Browse and select your PDF's (you can select multiple PDFs, ensure they are the same size).
  • Once you have selected your files, press the "Start" button.
  • Only Print ready PDF's are supported to work with this importer. Compressed, RGB, web ready PDF's are not supported.

Once the import is complete, save your document and then export the document the usual way via the App Studio Exporter plugin.

To note: This script will put a temporary folder in your home directory called "pdfimporter". When you run the script, we have to split your PDF's to individual pages, so we put them in this location. This can be removed if need be after you have uploaded your document to App Studio if you require.

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