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App Studio Exporter


Download the extension

To download the InDesign Exporter Extension, click here.

Install the extension

Before you install the extension, please do the following:

  1. If Adobe InDesign is already open on your machine, please quit out of it.
  2. If you have a previous version of the App Studio Exporter, please remove it using the Adobe Extension Manager.
  3. Double click the App Studio Exporter ZXP file (which will launch the Adobe Extension Manager).
  4. Follow the Adobe Extension Manager Wizard.
  5. Close the Adobe Extension Manager and open Adobe InDesign.

Please note: if you are a Windows user, you must install the extension as an Administrator.

Open the extension

To open the App Studio Panel, follow the image below by going to Window > Extensions > App Studio Exporter. Click on images to enlarge.

Setup wizard

This is a 3 step process to get you up and running. An additional step may be required if you have a proxy in place on your network.

Set your working folder

By default, a path will be set for you, however, you can change this if you wish.
Once you're ready, click Next


Enter your App Studio username and password.
Once you're ready, click Next

Proxy settings

If you get an 'proxy' error, please follow the following steps:

Open the Proxy settings:

Click on the options icon in the top right hand side and select the 'Proxy Settings'.

Once open, you can either use the Auto detect option, or enter the details manually.

Publication settings

As you may have multiple organizations and publications, these drop downs let you pick the organization and publication you are working with.

Panel window

This is the main screen for the extension — it contains two buttons, one to validate your document and one to Upload your files to App Studio.


You can use the validate button as a pre-flight check for any problems within your InDesign file. If there are any problems you will be presented with several error/warning messages. If these messages have a page number next to them, you are then able to click the validation entry, which will take you to the problem item within InDesign to easily enable you to fix the problem.

To Note: After you validate your document and you get yellow and red warnings, like below, you can still upload your document to App Studio. It will not stop you uploading. To proceed, just press the "Upload to App Studio" as normal.

Upload to App Studio

Once you are ready to send your InDesign file to App Studio, simply select your issue from the drop down list and then press the upload button.

If you cannot see your issue within the drop down list, simply press the refresh icon next to the drop down list. On clicking the refresh button, there may be a short delay while the extension retrieves the updated list of issues you have access to.


Publication Settings

The publication settings option lets you change the organization and publication to upload to.

Proxy Settings

The proxy settings option lets you modify your proxy settings should you need to.

User Settings

The user settings allow you to logout and sign in as another user.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings are available and you should use these when a App Studio consultant has advised you to do so.

Hide published issues

You may find the 'Hide published issues' option useful when you don't want to see old published issues within your drop down list anymore.

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