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Items in InDesign can be animated using the Animations panel. There are several preset animations for you to choose from, or you can create your own.

All animations must use a straight line motion path, but can change position, scale, and rotation.

To add an animation:

  • Select the item (or Group) on the page.
  • Open the Animation panel.
  • Select an option from the Preset dropdown list. (Only use the presets above the line).
  • Modify any of the properties you wish
  • Choose from the event(s) dropdown list. Use only: On Page Load, On Click (Self) or select the button trigger icon to the right of the
    event(s) dropdown and setup an "On Button Event". To do this, do the following:
    • Make a new image box and put it on top of the animation or make a new image box away from the animation and insert a button graphic or whatever you want.
    • Select the animation you want the image/button to connect to.
    • Click on the icon to the right of the event(s) dropdown. (See below).
    • Select your new image box/button. This will now automatically convert the image into a button for you.
    • This will now animate your item when the button is pressed. To see if this has been implemented, click back on the animation and in the event(s) its now reads: "On Release". Click on this and in the dropdown box and at the bottom it should read "On Button Event", this will also be ticked.
  • At the bottom of the window is a hidden menu indicated by the arrow next to "Properties", please expand this menu.
  • Ensure the Animate dropdown has "To Current Location" selected.

For further help with Adobe animations, please click here

A sample of animations can be downloaded here. Animations-Adobe Demo

Note: Opacity items are not honoured 

Adding a time delay to an animation:

  • Select the item that you have added the animation to.
  • Open the Timing panel.
  • Select the item from the list.
  • Set the time delay you'd like before this animation starts.

Please note: Do not use the Preview panel to set up your time delays as this is not accurate.

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