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Android release history

v2.5.0 (November 2013)

New features:

  • API subscriber implementation. Customers can now use third party subscriptions
  • Improved hardware acceleration
  • Performance enhancements
  • Improved layout design for tablet

Bug fixes:

  • A bug showing blank search results
  • A bug not always fitting text on buttons
  • A bug fixing audio
  • A bug fixing email sharing on various devices
  • Store page displaying correctly on launch
  • Valid users unable to login with the correct details
  • Bookmaking and sharing hidden on various smartphones
  • Autoplay video remains paused when unlocking the device
  • App crashing if deleting an empty tag

v2.4.0 (August 2013)

New features:

  • A user can subscribe using Google Play subscriptions
  • A user can see a progress update for the loading message in the settings screen
  • A user can see progress when the issue config file is downloading
  • A user can use English, French, German, Dutch, and Japanese translations
  • A user sees visual feedback when tapping any action
  • Google do not have splash screens so users do not need to use splash images

Bug fixes:

  • A bug causing the app to crash on login for some users resolved
  • A bug preventing some content from scaling correctly if it was not sized as per the device dimensions resolved
  • A bug when deleting an issue which was stored on an SD card was not being removed from the SD card correctly resolved
  • A crash when launching the app for the very first time resolved

v2.3.2 (July 2013)

Bug Fix:

  • Bug with logging in on smartphone devices fixed.

v2.3.0 (June 2013)

New features:

  • A user can add notes against an article (tablet only)
  • New UI for bookmarking which replaces folder in preference of tagging (tablet only)

Bug fixes:

  • Bug with social sharing resolved
  • Bug when portrait and landscape don't have the same number of pages resolved
  • Minor bug fixes
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