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7. Apple Subscriptions

This page provides help completing the 'Apple Subscriptions' section of the Application Request form.

Note: This Add-on may incur additional charges depending on your package. Please refer to the website for pricing information.


If you want to sell recurring subscriptions as in-app purchases you must:

  1. Set up at least one in-app subscription within iTunes Connect: Set up Apple subscriptions
  2. Set up the subscription in App Studio

Explanation of form fields

Field Explanation
Apple subscriptions Check this box to enable Apple subscriptions.
Apple subscriptions secret On the 'Manage your Apps' page in iTunes Connect there is a section of links at the bottom titled 'Manage Your Apps'. Click the 'In-App Purchases Shared Secret' link and copy the key.
Subscription privacy policy URL Apple subscriptions are displayed in a box on the left-hand side of the issues store page. This box includes an Information link to a URL displaying your subscription terms and conditions / privacy policy.
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