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3. Optional Configuration

This page provides help completing the 'Optional Configuration' section of the Application Request form.

Explanation of form fields

Field Explanation
All issues will be free If you do not intend to sell issues within the app as in-app purchases then the app will be configured without any purchasing logic.
The 'Store' tab will be renamed to 'Issues' and 'Buy more app issues' will be renamed to 'Get more app issues'.
Issues will be removed when unpublished App Studio allows you to 'unpublish' an issue. You can choose whether this actually removes the issues from users devices - remember that if a user has purchased an issue, you should not remove it - so we recommend this option only for apps with no in-app purchases.
Latest issue will be auto-downloaded if user is entitled When a new issue is published and is added to the app, if the user is allowed to access it without payment should its download begin automatically?
Single-issue app Is your app for a single issue i.e. you are not going to publish additional issues? If so, once the app has been installed, and the issue has been downloaded, there will be no route back to the issues page.
Latest issue will be promoted with large preview The 'Store' page within the app is formed from a grid of issues. You can choose to highlight the most recently published issue with a large preview image at the top of the page.

Contents page Pinching within an issue or tapping 'Contents' will display the Contents page if required. This includes an icon for every article / InDesign file within the issue.

Navigation bars will be hidden on adverts You can choose to hide navigation bars on adverts so as not to interfere with the advert content.
Paged vertical scrolling By default, pages which are longer than the device screen will vertically scroll smoothly. Instead, you can choose for it to snap into position page by page.
Navigation bars permanently displayed Instead of the top menu bar and bottom scrubber bar hiding and revealing when the screen is tapped, you can choose for them to be permanently displayed.

Orientation lock If you want to produce content in only one orientation, you should lock the app to prevent users rotating.
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